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As a CWS Security customer, in- person property protection is just a phone call away!

Cabin Watch Security Service

Cabin Watch weekly property checks with emailed reports is a value added service offered to CWS Security customers located in Polk County, Wisconsin as well as Center City, Lindstrom and Chisago City, Minnesota.


We do require, at minimum, a monitored environmental security package, which includes a water sensor, low temp sensor and smoke detector. These will ensure, outside of our in-person weekly property visits, that any environmental problems while you are away can be attended to immediately, preventing major damage to your Cabin Watch protected home.


Call our office today for more information 715-483-0083.



Property Assessment

Includes a walk through of all your structures, checking for storm damage, vandalism, forced entry, water damage, or anything we see out of place. 6 or 12 month packages available.

Post Storm Checks

Our damage assessment team will stay connected to you via phone and will arrange for any contractor or vendor needed upon your approval.

Trusted Business Resources for Repairs

We are locally operated company and know many trusted business resources from pluming, tree removal, contractors and more. We would not recommend anyone we would not use ourselves.

Turn your Cabin into a Resort: Concierge service available.

From firewood delivery, lock-out service, cleaning arrangements and dinner recommendations, we can keep your cabin time stress-free. We will even include our “Welcome Back” service which includes turning on lights, warming or cooling your cabin, clearing your walkways, and stocking a few grocery staples!



We are speechless. Words cannot express our sincere appreciation and joy in returning to our cabin tonight. After a long week in the cities, we tuned the key in the door half asleep already. Then-Wow! Yipee! Oh my gosh! Unbelievable! Look how they cleaned this! Look how they arranged that! It smells and looks like Snow White and Mr. Clean got married and moved into our cabin!!!!! This is too good for words. Why didn’t we do this years ago? (because it wasn’t a Ward Family Business yet.)Thank you so very much for cleaning, caring for, and maintaining our cabin as though it was your very own. If you would consider applying the same outstanding level of competence to babysitting, we’ll send the children right over… You see this place is so beautiful and tidy and spotless that Dan and I want to live like this for at least one day. :)We are going to look around one more time and take it all in. Then in the morning, we will wake up smiling as the view of Balsam and our weekend at the cabin is only further enhanced by the knowledge that people we know and trust have managed the rest…
Thank you very, very much.
The Mallins